Anti Graffiti Coating

Man spraying graffiti on wall without anti graffiti coating

Anti graffiti coating helps repel graffiti from hard surfaces. In general, anti graffiti coatings are suitable for many surfaces where graffiti painters often strike. Wood, concrete & metal. The benefits of South Korean graffiti prevention coating include easier removal of graffiti, protection from UV light and protection against corrosion.
If you look at Anti Graffiti from a consumer standpoint it can be categorized in two ways

Anti Graffiti Categorization By City / Area:

Anti Graffiti Coating Seoel

Categorization by the type of surface they are meant for:

  • Anti Graffiti for Wood
  • Anti Graffiti for Concrete
  • Anti Graffiti Prevention

Anti-graffiti coating for wood

As the name suggests, anti-graffiti coating for wood protects wooden surfaces from getting vandalized by graffiti. Various graffiti prevention coatings work very effectively. This is because such coatings need not be reapplied. They tend to be quite resilient and therefore endure all sorts of graffiti paints. Once the graffitist paints on the surface, the paint can be easily removed as the coatings prevent the paint from bonding to the surface. Given that most of the neighborhoods have wooden fences nowadays, such coatings can be very beneficial to keep them clean. Not only will you benefit in terms of low costs but also the coatings are a sustainable solution. This means you do not have to worry about environmental damage or other such issues.

Anti graffiti coating for concrete

Anti graffiti coating for concrete is similar to that for wood, in dense concrete environments like X and X anti graffiti solutions are a great helping hand. However, this one is meant for removing graffiti on concrete surfaces. Such coatings are very useful as they can be used on buildings and structures that are made out of concrete. Subways, alleyways and cities have a number of walls that are built out of concrete. It is also common for graffitists to target such areas as they cannot be easily spotted at night. Moreover, the surfaces are quite large giving the culprit a greater incentive to showcase his or her art. Therefore, graffiti prevention coating for concrete can help prevent such vandalism and keep the city clean from such felonies.

Looking for prices for anti-graffiti coating or a custom made quote?

Feel free to ask for a quote or multiple quotes to compare from one of our partners. Please make sure to send as many details of the project or surface as possible.

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