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Protect your walls with Anti Pee Paint

Do you also know the stains on walls and the nasty smell hanging around after the weekend? Someone took a leak against your house… again. Fortunately there is a solution; anti urine coating. It’s pee back time!

Anti pee paint is an easily applicable coating which creates a liquid repellent barrier on the surface. Not only does it prevent the urine from adhering to the surface, but it also splashes it back towards the source. It literally pees back! Therefore, it is also known as pee back coating.

Lately, several cities in South Korea have applied urine repellent coating in the most popular “unofficial toilets” as a means to fight public urination.

But did you know that you can also buy anti pee paint?

Here you find all the information you need if you are planning to buy urine repellent paint.

Benefits and applications of anti urine coating

As public urination is becoming an ever-greater problem, more and more solutions are developed. Not only is urination a problem in the city centres but also in residential areas where night time passers-by search for relief next to buildings, lampposts and trees.

Most of the anti urine coatings are applicable on a wide range of surfaces. It is however, always good to take the manufacturer’s advice regarding substrates. The most common substrates include wood, metal, concrete, masonry and bricks.

Bear also in mind that urine repellent coating is a protective top layer and therefore, usually applied on another coating.

But what does anti urine coating it do exactly?

The anti urine coating fights the urination problem and contributes to common welfare by:

  • Preventing the urine from soaking into walls and other surfaces;
  • Reducing offensive stains;
  • Preventing foul odours;
  • Reducing the risk of spreading infectious diseases;
  • Making the overall environment aesthetically more pleasant.

Does anti pee paint really help?

Sure it does, but it does not solve the problem completely. Pee repellent coating does discourage people to urinate on publicly. It also prevents spoiling the aesthetics and hygiene of surrounding environment, to certain extent.

Urinating is a natural phenomenon and cannot be postponed forever. Therefore, it is good to remember that there are three types of leakers on the streets, ant the coating affects them differently.

  • The weekend party people on their way home
  • Rough sleepers in need of a toilet
  • Dogs keeping track of their territory

Take for example dogs, they won’t stop peeing in public just because the wall pees back. An increased number of dog parks might however, provide a solution. And rough sleepers then? They also need to empty their bladder somewhere. Here, it is thus important to make sure there are enough public toilets, accessible also night time.

Even though anti  urine coating might not eliminate the problem, it definitely lessens the nuisance cause by it: walls will be free from stinky and ugly stains and the smell in general will be reduced.

Buying and Applying Anti Pee paint

If you want to buy or apply anti pee paint, contact us  for free professional guidance, we know all the local players in the industry and can provide free estimates or quotations.

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