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Anti Graffiti Coating

Anti graffiti coating helps repel graffiti from hard surfaces. In general, anti graffiti coatings are suitable for many surfaces where graffiti painters often strike. Wood, concrete & metal. The benefits of South Korean graffiti prevention coating include easier removal of graffiti, protection from UV light and protection against corrosion. If you look at Anti Graffiti […]

Anti urine coating

Protect your walls with Anti Pee Paint Do you also know the stains on walls and the nasty smell hanging around after the weekend? Someone took a leak against your house… again. Fortunately there is a solution; anti urine coating. It’s pee back time! Anti pee paint is an easily applicable coating which creates a […]

Powder coating prices

Looking for powder coating prices; do you wish to let rims or wheels powder coated, or are you looking to apply powder coatings yourself? Whatever the case, you may still be wondering; how much does powder coating cost? You have come to the right place!

Fireproof coating

Fire protection paint for work and at home Coatings are in a crucial position when it comes to fire prevention and increasing safety in dwelling houses, commercial buildings and institutes such as schools and hospitals. Unfortunately, completely fireproof paint does not exist; however, there are several types of fire proof coatings which, in case of […]

Paint / Coating companies in Seoul

SAEKYUNG JOLYPATE CO LTD We are very much pleased to introduce our wall texture paintsOur valuable foreign customers. Since, Its establishment in 1983, saekyung has been producingA wide range of paint related products such as texturedPaint, artcoat, jolypate, stonecoat, marble, exterior insulation systems, For … Telephone:82-2-5473527Address:131-23 Nonhyun-Dong, ECOLOGEN CO – LTD ECO-LOGEN CO.,LTD is a […]

AR coating (Anti Reflective)

AR coating is an abbreviation for anti reflective coating. It is a special coating that prevents mirroring. It is used in the optical industry to prevent the reflection of glasses and lenses. The automotive industry in Seoul uses nanocoatings to prevent mirroring of sunbeams on the windshield of your car. It is used on monitors […]

Spin coating

One of the most common techniques in the coating world for applying ultra thin films to substrates is called spin coating. It is used in a great variety of industries and technology sectors. The biggest advantage of spin coating is that it ensures quick, easy extremely thin and very uniform films. It can be as thin […]

Spray coating

What is spray coating? The biggest segment of spray coating is thermal spraying or plasma coating.  We use the term thermal spray a group of different processes that use a heat to liquefy material in powder or wire form. The melted material is sprayed on a primed surface by expanding process gases. The particles bond upon impact with the surface. […]