Fireproof coating

Fireproof coating in hallway

Fire protection paint for work and at home

Coatings are in a crucial position when it comes to fire prevention and increasing safety in dwelling houses, commercial buildings and institutes such as schools and hospitals. Unfortunately, completely fireproof paint does not exist; however, there are several types of fire proof coatings which, in case of fire, slow down the burning process and protect the structures from catching fire. Fire protection paint thus, contributes to safety by postponing the collapsing of the structures. This increases safety in three ways; the coatings namely:

  • Extend evacuation time
  • Protect surrounding buildings
  • Increase safety of firefighters

Fire proof coatings are required in some commercial and residential buildings. In dwelling houses these are not yet obligatory however, they are becoming more and more popular among home owners.

Fireproofing paint & coating

fire proof paint is also suitable for application on painted metal, concrete and wooden surfaces; fireproofing paint is thus possible. Fireproof wood coating is usually a clear coat and suitable for existing coating surfaces. These coatings do not change the appearance of the substrate. Similar kind of fireproof coating exists also for metal and concrete. However, not all existing coating layers are suitable for over coating!

Before purchasing a fire proof paint, control the compatibility of the existing paint and the product you wish to apply on it.

Buying Fireproof paint

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