Spray coating

Spray coating

What is spray coating?

The biggest segment of spray coating is thermal spraying or plasma coating.  We use the term thermal spray a group of different processes that use a heat to liquefy material in powder or wire form. The melted material is sprayed on a primed surface by expanding process gases. The particles bond upon impact with the surface. Subsequent impacting particles create a coating buildup.

Thermal spray coating application

Thermal spray coating technologies are very versatile, allowing engineering of an almost a unlimited number of coatings for a massive diverse range of applications. For example:

  • Components for engines
  • Medical devices/Surgical instruments
  • Implants
  • Agricultural components

The detonation gun has a long barrel which is water-cooled. It also has inlet valves for gases and powder. Oxygen and fuel is poured into the barrel along with a charge of powder. To ignite the gas mixture a spark is used. The resulting detonation heats and accelerates the powder to supersonic velocity through the barrel. A pulse of nitrogen is purged in the barrel after each detonation. This process is repeated many times. The high kinetic energy of the hot powder particles on impact with the substrate results in a buildup of a very dense and strong coating.

Thermal spray coating types in Korea

  • Plasma spray coating – very versatile
  • Shrouded plasma
  • High velocity oxy fuel
  • Electric arc spray coating
  • Flame spray coating
  • Cold spray coating

Local spray coating experts in Seoel and South Korea

APS materials, Gojan-Dong Namdong-Gu Incheon City, South Korea

Sermatech Korea, Gyeongsangnam-do South Korea

DAE shin metallizing, Gyeongsangbuk-do South Korea



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